Using Viagra and Alcohol, side effects and warnings.

Apparently many men familiar with this situation: you have requested a striking girl of you’re the most cherished delusion to the luxury restaurant, she in elegant dress with a smile on her face and with a promising twinkle in her eyes bindings you to try delicious wine. And one stop. You remember that before a date, relying on its passionate end at your home, you have taken a pill of viagra. But is it conceivable to combine such medications with alcohol? The answer here is observable. Viagra is primarily a treatment, and as we know they can not be mixed with alcohol. Malt straightly marks on erections. As you know, alcohol tends to lower the potency of men, some of them in connection with this comes the idea to take Viagra. In fact, such employment is very dangerous for men’s health, because alcohol has a negative effect on the body, especially in combination with medical drugs. By the amalgamation of two negative factors — Viagra and alcohol, the heart can not muddle through and begins to suffer from a double burden.So you may hurt yourself. Moreover, under the influence of booze can worsen the side effects of viagra manifest headache, rapid heart beating, nausea. Furthermore, for people who agonize from heart disease or hypertension, the combination of viagra and alcohol can have a sad end.You agree that in such a scenario, the date will be crumbling, and all your plans for the evening are will be crossed out with bold lines. Every man requirements to weigh their possibilities and their needs and adopt for yourself which is more important health or a dubious pleasure.The Erroneous combination of alcohol with medical treatment can unsettle even the physically healthy person. Be careful and be careful to your health.
In addition, viagra and alcohol have an opposite effect to men’s potency. Therefore, it seems unwise to spend money on this remedy, intending to achieve a quality erection and at the same time deteriorate it while taking alcohol. It is better to separate in time these two things: have sex tonight and drink tomorrow. If without alcohol to manage difficult, you can drink a small quantity of high-quality alcoholic beverages.
Some men will object and say that alcohol helps their effectiveness, they become more sexually active, going on an energy boom and there is an overwhelming desire to be close. Subsequently, of course, impossible to deny the fact of active arousal of men through alcohol, but then it is worth considering the amount of alcohol consumed a beverage. The objective of viagra is to exceed the barrier of alcoholic inhibition at the level of physiology and psychology and immediately cause the expected effect. Plus, if you take viagra, you should circumvent fatty and spicy foods, as eating dishes of a similar nature in combination with viagra could lead to negative consequences.
Viagra and alcohol are two concepts mixed together quite frequently. Indeed, the men often prefer viagra while planning to enter into an intimate relationship and surprise your partner sexual abilities. But you must have confidence in your supremacy and trust to the power of the miracle pill that will make your evening unforgettable.
Hence, what’s the conclusion? Viagra can be obsessive with alcohol, but only in hopeless situations and in the presence of only a small dose. One should always remember that alcohol prevents viagra act on the main job, so do not be surprised then to lose as a result of the combination of alcohol with viagra.


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